Your top advice for reducing visceral fat

To obtain your fiber, you don't need to consume a whole bag of Grandma's prunes.  

Nuts, legumes, healthy grains, and leafy greens are all beneficial for preventing belly fat from sticking around.  

This type of fat is known as visceral fat, and it's the most harmful since it can encircle your liver, pancreas, and kidneys, among other important organs.  

No "super foods" exist that can burn visceral fat. Additionally, you cannot reduce it with particular exercises like crunches.  

Rather, seek methods to improve your eating patterns and increase your daily physical activity.  

Consider your typical workweek. Where could you maybe make some adjustments?  

While anyone can have too much visceral fat, it’s more likely if you’ve got a lot of weight to lose.  

You can still have some! But limit the “saturated” kind that’s in animal foods, coconut and palm oils, and full-fat dairy.   

Research shows that a few quick bursts of high-intensity exercise  

You can add bursts of higher intensity to any workout.  

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