Wolves-Hornets game had 10 missed calls in final 2 minute

According to the NBA's L2M Report, which was issued Tuesday, the Charlotte Hornets-Minnesota 

Timberwolves game on Monday night contained ten wrong calls in the final two minutes.

The Hornets battled back from an 18-point deficit to win 128-125.

Three of the wrong calls helped Minnesota, while six favored Charlotte, including a missed shooting 

foul that would have given Karl-Anthony Towns the opportunity to give the Timberwolves the lead with less than five seconds left. 

One foul against the Hornets was assessed to the incorrect player (Brandon Miller rather than P.J. Washington). 

In total, the Hornets should have been called for two shooting fouls, two travels/double dribbles, a loose ball foul, and a personal foul.

The Wolves escaped with two shooting fouls and an offensive foul on the game's final possession.

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