Travis Kelce told to marry Taylor Swift to surpass The Rock. 

Howard Stern advises NFL player Travis Kelce to marry Taylor Swift to surpass The Rock in stardom. The latest buzz has a twist in an industry where fame and talent often go together. 

According to Howard Stern, Travis Kelce could become a superstar in an unexpected way. 

Travis Kelce feat. Taylor Swift message Travis Kelce should marry Taylor Swift to become famous, according to Howard Stern. 

Stern's SiriusXM show featured Kelce's guidance amid his successful NFL career, which included leading the Chiefs to the AFC Championship Game. "Travis Kelce has to marry Taylor Swift," Stern says.  

Stern believes marrying Swift might rocket Kelce to heights greater than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, potentially leading to a Hollywood career. 

Stern continues, "He will then get a movie career, he'll be bigger than the Rock."

Kelce's broadcasting career after the NFL is promising, but Stern thinks a Swift partnership may further his renown. 

Kelce, a celebrity in the NFL, has expressed his desire to become The Rock. This advise is given given Kelce's previous goal of becoming famous like The Rock.  

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