Tim McGraw Applauds Daughter Audrey's 'Stand by Your Man' Cover: A true artist

Tim McGraw is a proud dad.

On Thursday, the Grammy-winning artist, 56, praised his youngest daughter Audrey, 22, for covering Tammy Wynette's 1968 song “Stand by Your Man.”

McGraw expressed his joy in a Thursday Instagram video, captioned "We love it when @audreymcgraw comes home and sits at the piano..."

She's an artist and we appreciate her writing! #prouddad.”

One tape showed Audrey singing and playing the piano, while the other showed McGraw proudly listening.

. The video turned to a full-screen McGraw praising Audrey after her performance.

“Whew! Audrey, our daughter. “Man, she's so talented,” McGraw said.

 I've said it 100 times: our girls are talented and sing well. Audrey is distinctive and a great writer."

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