This is the legend behind Randy Travis' "Three Wooden Crosses."

– Randy Travis's Career: Sold 25M+ records, won Grammy, CMA, ACM, and Dove awards, and achieved 16 No.1 country hits.

– "Three Wooden Crosses": Released in 2002, it broke Travis's nearly decade-long hiatus from No. 1 songs.

– Song Origin: Written by Kim Williams and Doug Johnson, sparked by Williams' opening line and developed with a unique rhyme scheme.

– Character Dynamics: The lyrics depict a diverse group of strangers on a bus, hinting at a tragic event that unfolds in the first verse.

– Tragedy Unveiled: The chorus confirms a tragedy, with three wooden crosses marking the scene, creating an air of mystery.

– Story Structure: Crafted with word economy, the song's explanation exceeds the lyrics' brevity.

– Four Central Characters: Introduced by Johnson, including a driver, and the tragedy's impact on their lives remains a focal point.

– Relevance: Despite a changing music landscape, Travis's skill in storytelling resonates, making "Three Wooden Crosses" a standout in his discography.

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