The Top 10 Dog Breeds to Bring to an Apartment

Basenjis shed less because of their short, fine coat. Being a hypoallergenic breed, they should be less prone to cause allergies in other pets.  


Because they were initially bred for small game hunting, basset hounds are renowned for having an extraordinary sense of smell. 

Basset Hound 

Beagles are gregarious canines that get along with people and other dogs. 


Despite being a larger breed, Bernese mountain dogs, also known as Berners, get along well in apartments because of their kind and easygoing personalities. 

Bernese Mountain Dog 

Although bichons are active, lovable, and amiable, their small stature makes it simple for them to burn off energy in a small space.  

Bichon Frise 

That's a Chinese shar pei, not a baby hippo. The short, bristly coats of these wrinkled dogs leave little fur lying around the flat.  

Chinese Shar Pei 

Despite their moniker, cotonons are cuddly, happy dogs that live happily ever after with their human friends. They are frequently confused for a cotton ball. 

Coton de Tulear 

The characteristic stubby legs and long bodies of Dachshunds, sometimes known as wiener dogs, give them the appearance of a walking sausage.  

Dachshund dog 

They are originally from Finland and were bred to herd reindeer. They are also devoted lap dogs, as their name implies, and they may keep their humans company over the long winters.  

Finnish Lapphund 

These retrievers, who are renowned for their exquisite golden coats, are devoted, loving, and eager to please their owners. 

Golden Retriever 

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