The Eyelash Curler Is Jennifer Garner's Favorite Beauty Product, She Says With an Iron Fist. 

Some of us had long, lush lashes, while others didn't. The second camp includes me. Without a thick application of mascara, you might not notice my eyelashes! The scene is sad. I can fake false lashes with eyelash curlers. 

Some stars are like Us. Jennifer Garner curls her lashes for special occasions! The 13 Going on 30 actress said she needs the Surratt eyelash curler for her high-end cosmetic routine.  

Garner remarked in a Vogue Beauty Secrets video, “This is if I'm feeling dressy, and I'm feeling dressy for Vogue.” I prefer this eyelash curler. The name is Surratt.” 

The Surratt Relevee Lash Curler substantially lengthens lashes, opening eyes and enhancing features.  

This model fits even the shortest lashes and biggest eyes with its thick, wide pad. This luxury eyelash curler doesn't damage or pinch lashes like others! 

“The Surrat eyelash curler is AMAZING,” a customer said. “No pinching, bends and lengthens perfectly, doesn't break lashes.” Crimping without pain, according to another reviewer.  

My other eye lash curlers never developed big eyelashes. Easy and lightweight, unlike famous eyelash brands that pinch my eyelids.” 

To prepare eyelashes for mascara, curl them first. Curl your lashes again after the mascara dries, but be careful! 

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