The customary drink Kelly Clarkson and Samuel Heughan Enjoy.

Sam Heughan has been in the public eye a lot lately. The Outlander actor has a history of incorporating elements of his on-screen identity into his daily life.   

He has been observed wearing a kilt in public on multiple occasions and even launching his own line of Scotch whisky.  

Beyond his award-winning whisky, the actor is really quite involved in the alcohol industry.   

Heughan earned an award last year for his limited-edition tequila under his own Sassenach brand.  

And he is currently touring the United States to promote the business's newest offering, gin.  

Heughan, taking a break from his promotional U.S. tour, laughed with Kelly Clarkson over cocktails while the two appeared on an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show.  

Heughan states in the interview that he has been "tourist[ing] all over the U.S., pouring people gin and tonics and having a damn good time" with his group.  

Although Episode 9 of Yellowstone Season 1 on CBS this Sunday, October 22, marks the conclusion of the show's network television run, the Dutton family drama will continue.   

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