The 2024 action film starring Dev Patel seems to be the ideal John Wick substitute.

Dev Patel's upcoming film Monkey Man draws inspiration from John Wick, featuring similar visual aesthetics, fighting styles, and filmmaking approach. 

Monkey Man, produced by Jordan Peele, has potential as a standout in the John Wick-inspired action genre, showcasing stylized action. 

Patel's role as a first-time director and unlikely action hero could establish him as a new talent, but the film needs to prove itself as a worthy successor to John Wick. 

The upcoming action movie with Dev Patel seems to be a potential replacement for the John Wick franchise. 

While John Wick 5 is reportedly in development for a 2025 or 2026 release, it's uncertain how long the Keanu Reeves franchise will continue. 

Since the success of the first John Wick in 2014, the series has become one of the most acclaimed and profitable original action franchises. 

Dev Patel, known for Skins and Slumdog Millionaire, has diversified into various genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, and action. 

Patel, also involved in directing, starred in Chappie (2015) and has a recurring role in the HBO series The Newsroom. 

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