The $20 Erewhon Smoothie Became Popular in This Year.

Last year, when I went to Los Angeles, I had two things on my to-do list: I wanted to go to Joshua Tree and I wanted my friend Shira to take me to the Silver Lake Erewhon so I could spend $17 on the “Strawberry Skin Glaze” smoothie, which Hailey Bieber made viral on TikTok.

These days, I enjoy smoothies and a locally owned grocery store, but what I really enjoy is a group experience.

Taking part in a food trend that is closely related to pop culture is a sacred way for me to eat because it gives me a chance to connect with my species and feel like I am a part of this one and only moment on Earth.

This is not precisely the kind of gastronomic enlightenment that a hip grocery store like Erewhon offers.

In 2022, this specific drink—the Strawberry Skin Glaze smoothie—was introduced alongside Bieber's skincare line, Rhode. 

Online, the drink swiftly rose to legendary status as a swirling pink representation of unachievable wellness, hype, luxury, and impossible beauty. I also had to know how it tasted.

I held the Hailey Bieber smoothie in my hands like a work of art after placing my order and waiting for about fifteen minutes. There was an earthy pink, tinged with jam-red strawberry sauce and snowy coconut cream, within the plastic cup. 

Twelve ingredients make up each 20-ounce drink, many of which are name-brand items that are also available in the store: Vital Proteins collagen powder, Neocell hyaluronic acid drops, and Malk almond milk.

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