Taylor Swift's Ticketmaster fiasco sparks legislation in multiple states.

When Grammy-winning pop diva Taylor Swift announced the US leg of her "Eras Tour,"

Ticketmaster was thrust into the spotlight as fans expressed frustration over exorbitant ticket pricing and site crashes.

The ticket catastrophe triggered a nationwide discourse aimed at ticket resellers, with politicians such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

D-N.Y., criticizing the firm and demanding that the "monopoly" formed by the Live Nation-Ticketmaster merger in 2022 be broken up.

In January of last year, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from Live Nation executives

and while the parent company of Ticketmaster would not be disbanded, legislators appeared to be unsure about the merger and shared Swift's fans' outrage at missing out on her recent tour.

Now, states are taking action to safeguard concert and event attendees from paying high costs imposed by secondhand resellers.

Arizona lawmakers are attempting to crack down on the use of bots to purchase and resell event tickets.

Two measures presented by Republican State Rep. David Cook passed the Arizona House Commerce Committee with bipartisan support on Tuesday.

One bill prohibits the use of bots and authorizes the state attorney general to investigate potential infractions.

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