Taylor Swift's hilarious response to Bills fan trolls Travis Kelce Josh Allen boyfriend distraction meme 

A fan taunted Taylor Swift with a distracted boyfriend meme poster as she entered the Bills stadium for the Chiefs vs. Bills game.  

This is how the singer handled being trolled. 

Taylor Swift just attended the Chiefs-Bills game. Swift was trolled by Bills fans again when she arrived.  

A small kid Bills fan showed her a 'Distracted Boyfriend Meme' poster, and she couldn't resist. The Cruel Summer singer responded subtly.  

Travis Kelce and Josh Allen's distracted boyfriend meme and Taylor Swift's response The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills played their final Divisional Round game on Sunday.  

Taylor Swift attended since it was a crucial Chiefs game. Her arrival at Bills Stadium for the Chiefs game was again mocked by Bills supporters.  

Taylor Swift took action instead of ignoring it. The Shake it Off singer responded subtly to the young troll.  

She kissed the trolls and responded to their cruelty with tenderness. Fans wonder if Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld are the latest NFL coupling.  

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