Taylor Swift may feature in Super Bowl ads, but here are 13 of her finest.

As Super Bowl LVIII approaches, the Chiefs remain in contention for the AFC championship game on Sunday.

Of course, the Super Bowl has more than football—commercials.

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, may appear in Super Bowl ads. But they've both appeared in many ads.

Swift has appeared in Diet Coke, Capital One, Apple Music, DirecTV, and AT&T advertising. Recent commercials used Easter eggs and were usually related to her tours or albums.

 Starting with a February 2009 throwback, here are 13 of her best advertisements in no particular order.

USA TODAY's Ad Meter lets you rate Super Bowl advertisements. Rate adverts and decide which brand has the strongest sales pitch.

A 20-year-old Taylor Swift sponsored the Nashville Predators in her first commercial. A girl tells her mom about last night's game over breakfast: "It was packed. Everyone attended. I spotted Taylor Swift!"

Mom, skeptical, exclaims, “Oh come on! Taylor Swift at Predators game? You’re insane.”

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