Sundance winners: 'In the Summers,' 'Didi' Some more movies we liked.

The winners of the year's most prestigious prizes were announced on Friday at the annual gathering of movie fans and people working in the Hollywood industry that takes place in Park City, Utah, which is currently celebrating its 40th year. 

"In the Summers," an epic that spans several decades and tells the story of a man and his two children, was awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Drama in the United States. 

The other major medal that was awarded at the festival was the U.S. dramatic audience award, which was won by the film "Didi," which is about a Taiwanese-American boy's final summer before he starts high school. 

At the same time as "Porcelain War" and "Daughters" were awarded the most prestigious documentary awards, the NEXT Innovator Award was given to the satirical drama comedy "Little Death," 

which starred David Schwimmer as a television writer who was experiencing a midlife crisis.

There are several of this year's films, including award winners, that are available to see on the festival's online digital platform until Sunday.

 If you were unable to attend Sundance and would like to experience the festival from the comfort of your own home, you can do so.

Please make sure you have some tissues on hand whenever you have the opportunity to view this very moving film, which is the closest thing that Sundance has to "CODA" this year. 

The performance of Keith Kupferer, who plays a middle-aged construction worker who is grudgingly recruited for an acting troupe's interpretation on "Romeo and Juliet," is outstanding. 

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