‘Suitable Flesh’ Will Make Your Skin Crawl With VHS Release

Joe Lynch's Suitable Flesh was one of the underappreciated horror films of last year. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's controversial short story "The Thing on the Doorstep," this body swap hellscape was both unsettling and joyously insane.

The horror film is receiving a nostalgic VHS release, despite the fact that it was only recently released on Blu-ray and is streaming on Shudder.

Witter Entertainment's limited release, sponsored by Broke Horror Fan, comes in a slipcover VHS case with original retro poster artwork by Suitable Flesh depicting Heather Graham,

 Judah Lewis (The Babysitter), and genre icon Barbara Crampton (Jakob's Wife). There are two versions available: the ordinary release and one autographed by Lynch

The latter is exceedingly restricted (only 50 copies) and comes with an orange VHS cassette. This blast from the past has been reduced to 4:3 from its original aspect ratio, 

which has been accepted by both RLJE and Lynch. The ordinary edition will be $25, and the signed edition will be $45 USD.

Suitable Flesh, from its bizarre directing to its remarkable performances, is a terrifying and erotic experience unlike any other. It's so many things rolled into one nasty bundle. 

It's a heartfelt love letter to beloved director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator). It's also a big conceptual bomb on sexuality that beautifully reminds us that this frightening genre is designed to push boundaries

And its practical body horror is a gory carnage of utter abandonment. The way you feel while viewing all of this is both satisfying and unsettling, to the point where you begin to doubt your own identity.

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