Stephen A. Smith demands Shedeur Sanders cease "Getting your ass kicked on national television"

Following the 46-43 double overtime loss to Stanford, Deion Sanders advised his team to be ready for the doubters. 

In the locker room following the game, Sanders said, "All the love you have received,

 you are about to see that flip." Because of his brutal honesty, 

 Shedeur Sanders was soon the target of a tirade by ESPN's Stephen A.

Smith."Your father and Tom Brady have already made jokes about the vehicle you were driving and how you ought to have been in the film room.

It is no longer a laughing matter, let me tell you that. On Monday's First Take, Smith said, "You all are getting your ass kicked."

"Get up and stand up for your coach and your father, who are the players on that team. 

As much bluster as he possessed. As swagger-filled as he was. Every single week, he was the greatest on the planet. Deion Sanders, 

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