Spider-Man 2 capitalizes on novelty and nostalgia

It's easier said than done to review Spider-Man 2. Few games in 2018 astonished me as much as the original Spider-Man game. 

It was fast-paced, had novel combat mechanisms, funny storytelling, and melded flawlessly with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

With the signing of Miles Morales, things only became more fascinating.  

As a result, I was skeptical that this game could properly expand on its predecessor. 

However, after only thirty minutes of the game, with Peter and Miles dodging Sandman, I realized I didn't need to be concerned. 

Spider-Man 2 isn't just a worthy successor; it's so much more. 

It provides gamers with more than simply a slew of difficulties and pumped-up supervillains to contend with. 

For instance, the game opens with Miles attending school, and just as he sits in his physics class, Peter walks in as the teacher. 

Peter is fired for his inability to stay with his students to safeguard them from the attack 

A must-try if you have a PS5. We’ll have a tough time choosing the game of the year come December. 

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