Sophie Skelton on Outlander season 3, Day of the Dead: Bloodline and working with Nicolas Cage

Between her callback and her audition for the hit time travel show Outlander, Sophie Skelton had to wait a whole year. "I simply assumed I wasn't cast for the part."

The character of Brianna was originally scheduled to debut at the conclusion of season 1, following the format of Diana Gabaldon's well read books.

However, a last-minute revision delayed the appearance of the rebel with an American accent by one season.

When Brianna, a 1960s college student, finds out that her mother has been lying to her about her father, 

she realizes that he is not the person she had assumed. Her mother wishes to go back in time to see him; he is a Highlander named Jamie. Brianna needs to get over her disbelief that time travel is feasible and her state of shock.

The actress from Cheshire was fortunate to have her breakout part in the action-adventure web series Ren around that time

and she also starred in the remake of the George Romero classic Day of the Dead: Bloodline. She co-wrote the movie #211, a bank heist film, starring Nicolas Cage.

As a result, Skelton is being hailed as one of the most intriguing up-and-coming British actresses of the moment, and her character is blooming in the future series of Outlander

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