Sofía Vergara explains her divorce from Joe Manganiello.

In a recent interview, Sofía Vergara has revealed the reasons behind the dissolution of her marriage to Joe Manganiello.

Over the course of seven years of marriage, the "Modern Family" star disclosed in an interview with El País that was published on January 15 that she and Manganiello split due to their divergent perspectives on the subject of having children.

"My marriage broke up because my husband was younger; he wanted to have kids and I didn’t want to be an old mom," according to her. 

I do not believe that it is fair to the infant. I have a lot of respect for anybody chooses to do it, but not for me anymore.

Vergara's second husband was Manganiello, who was 47 years old. Prior to her current relationship, she was married to Joe Gonzalez, with whom she has a son named Manolo Vergara, who is 32 years old. In 1993, she and Gonzalez went through a divorce.

At the age of 51, the actress expressed to El País that she is "ready to be a grandmother, not a mother." She mentioned that she was 19 years old when she gave birth to her child.

"So, if love comes along, he has to come with (his own) children," she explained further. I am getting close to entering menopause; it is the natural progression of things. 

As soon as my son becomes a father, I will allow him to bring the baby to me for a short period of time. After that, I will return the baby to him and get on with my life. This is what I have to remember.

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