Report: Nick Saban Loses Alabama Coordinator to Retirement Following Rose Bowl Loss

During this summer, Nick Saban will be looking to replace a significant void on the coaching staff at Alabama.  

Multiple sources have reported that Kevin Steele, the defensive coordinator for the Crimson Tide, will be resigning.  

His final season was the 2023–24 team season. This March, Steele will turn 66 years old. 

Since he began his coaching career forty years ago, he has spent twelve of those years serving as a defensive coordinator.  

Saban made the decision to hire Steele with the intention of using him as a short-term solution for the position of defensive coordinator at Alabama. 

Currently, it seems as though that plan is beginning to materialize. In the meanwhile 

Saban does not intend to retire any time in the near future.  

There is no doubt that he will strive to make a good impression with the next defensive coordinator he hires.  

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