Randy Travis, a country music artist, has revealed a potentially life-changing medical condition.

Everyday Health spoke with the country music performer and his wife about how he copes with a disease that severely limits his capacity to communicate, as well as how he finds hope through singing. 

Randy Travis, a country music musician, visited the hospital's emergency room in July 2013 with a cold.  

The 54-year-old actor had a role in a TV pilot that was due to air, so his schedule was full with filming and touring responsibilities. On the other side, none of this occurred. 

Travis was transported to Heart Hospital Baylor in Dallas for treatment for dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a heart condition caused by a viral infection. DCM causes the heart valves to expand, making them less effective at pumping blood. 

At one point, his heart stopped beating altogether, and physicians rushed to start life support and place him in a coma against his consent, both of which can help protect the brain. 

Travis had been sleeping for forty-eight hours when doctors discovered he had suffered a stroke that affected the entire center of his left brain. 

The medical professionals assumed that his injuries were caused by a blood clot that formed in his heart and went to his brain. 

During Travis's second coma, when his lungs had failed and he was on life support, doctors informed his then-fiancée Mary that he had a 1% chance of survival and that she should consider turning off life support. 

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