Outlander star Sam Heughan kisses a lovely actress as fans go crazy for his new leading lady.

Sam will play the lead role in the television drama The Couple Next Door.   

The gorgeous Australian actress Jessica de Gouw will be Sam's co-star in the thriller.  

He shared a number of pictures of himself and Jessica, one of which showed him kissing her forehead while she made a funny face for the camera  

Sam also included photos of some of his other co-stars, who also play major roles: Alfred Enoch from Harry Potter and Eleanor   

Tomlinson from Poldark."I've can not wait for you to meet these gorgeously talented people!"   

was the caption he posted. "The Couple Next Door" debuts on Channel 4 on November 27 and will soon air on Starz in the United States. 

One of the first people to remark was Jessica, 35, who wrote, "Ohhhhh my loves.  

Sam answered with an equally impassioned post. He continued, "Love yooooou!x,"  

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