‘Outlander’ Season 7: Every Official Photo Released So Far

The Outlander season 7 premiere is approaching, and there's nothing better to pass the time than photos of Jamie and Claire Fraser from the new season.  

Caitrona Balfe and Sam Heughan return on June 16th for their seventh and second seasons, respectively. 

Jamie and Claire were torn apart in the sixth season, with both of their lives hanging in the balance. 

Fortunately, their nephew Ian (John Bell) rescued Jamie and knew where to find Claire. So off they galloped a year ago, while the rest of us watched Claire get thrown in jail. 

Claire is also on the verge of being hung, according to the season 7 teaser. Let's be honest: we all want to hang out with Claire Fraser, but not in this way. 

No way, Tom Christie. Oh, that guy, turns out Tom is a really nice guy; he stayed with Claire while she was being taken to ensure her safety. 

"Not without my Claire!" exclaimed Tom. No, he didn't, but he does adore her. We could see it in his eyes. His beady Claire-obsessed eyes.  

Jamie, on the other hand, understands. He, too, has similar eyes. Clairely, they can both see. I'll stop now. But Jamie came out on top, Tom. Sorry. Also, thank you for your service. 

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