Outlander Makes a Verra Smart Book-to-Screen Choice in Episode 4 — Plus, Meet the Hunters!

My petitions at the altar of bushy eyebrow patron saint Dougal MacKenzie have been granted:

Thank sweet baby Jesus H. Roosevelt, Starz's Outlander decided to reduce the Great Dismal Swamp portion of An Echo in the Bone so much that it all fits into a tiny portion of this week's episode

 Christ.I adore Diana Gabaldon's books, as everyone knows. I usually have no problem wandering off wherever she wants to take me, for as many pages as she feels like it. 

 However, the section in her seventh Outlander book set in the Great Dismal Swamp seems to go on forever.

 It might be as short as ten pages. It might have 500 runs. Sincerely, I can't recall, and when I reread, I usually just skim past it. Do I feel sorry for William, 

 who in the novel and the television adaptation assumes the role of a skilled spy before nature and a ferocious serpent hand him his gorget? Yes, I do.

But do I have to learn about North Carolina's wetland animals while also walking on every agonizing, fevered, weird

ass step with him? No, I don't.Additionally, by keeping the swamp portion of this week's episode brief, SO MANY OTHER THINGS ARE ABLE TO HAPPEN. The Hunters are introduced to us! Tom Christie returns from the afterlife!

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