Outlander Just Added Twins to the Season 5 Cast

"Sing me a song, of a wait that is loooong / so long, I might just die..." That's part of the Droughtlander song I've been writing in my brain (to the tune of the Outlander

theme, obviously) while we wait for season 5. All we can do now is rewatch and excitedly gather information until the program returns to Starz in early 2020

And we've just received some new cast information: The Outlander cast is expanding with the addition of two twin actors.

Three-year-old cuties Matthew and Andrew have signed on, although it's unclear if they'll appear in season 5 or 6.

 Their talent agency, Scotland-based KR Management, announced the new employment on August 9th.

"We are delighted to announce that KRM Kids, Matthew and Andrew at just three years old will be joining the cast of the very well known American TV Drama,

Outlander!" says the announcement on Facebook. "Well done boys, we are so excited for you both!"

It's unclear what role the blonde children will play, although it's reasonable to assume they'll share one. 

Because of child labor rules that safeguard children from long hours on set, two tiny children playing the same child is a time-honored custom

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