North West Trolls Kim Kardashian in ‘Honest’ SKKN Makeup Review

North West made her mother's beauty debut fun, and fans love it.

Kim Kardashian's Jan. 26 TikTok video included her oldest daughter with ex-husband Kanye West. 

 North, 10, begins the video by promising a “honest makeup review” of her mother's new eye and lip makeup. She continues for about six minutes.

As North applies SKKN products to her face and arm, the posted video fast-forwards most of her speech.

She fakes applying black matte makeup carefully while smearing it all over her eyes in a “emo” effect.“

They’re really neutral,” North says of matte colors. “I like. To go out, like dinner, she says, pretending to flick her hair.

North calls the makeup palette “classic Kim” while showcasing it.

North claims the makeup “feels really nice” and works “with anything.” She also loves the matte lipstick's “really nice” packaging and feel, claiming “no words” to describe it.

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