NFL Rumors: Jim Harbaugh's Chargers hire could result in Colin Kaepernick's comeback– 

For one particular former NFL star, Colin Kaepernick, Jim Harbaugh's hiring by the Los Angeles Chargers could have significant implications. Since taking a knee in the NFL, 

Kaepernick has apparently been striving for an NFL comeback. He hasn't played since 2017.

He has worked out for teams in the past and has had brief interest from a number of them, 

but he has never been signed or even close to being signed. Although it appeared that the door was closing, 

Harbaugh's return might open it."2011 saw the Harbaugh draft Kaepernick. 

Harbaugh guided Kaepernick to stardom as his coach. When Kaepernick first went into his collusion-

driven exile from the NFL, Harbaugh made an appearance on PFT Live and promised that the player could bring multiple championships to an NFL franchise.

He really likes Kaepernick, and when he was being considered for that head coaching position at Minnesota, he had previously thought about employing him to work with quarterbacks:

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