NFL accused of Chiefs partiality for Ravens game referee assignment: Everything about viral conspiracy theory 

Examining NFL partiality in the Chiefs vs. Ravens game, particularly referee Shawn Smith's tendency to favor away teams and affect game outcomes.

Following the choice of Shawn Smith to referee the NFL Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens, controversy and conspiracy theories erupted. 

Referee Choice Sparks Debate: Chiefs vs. Ravens This outrage stems from the NFL's appointment of Shawn Smith as referee. 

But what drives this debate? Does the NFL's official selection have a motive? 

Critics say Smith's peculiar penalty trends, which benefit road teams, show favoritism toward the Chiefs, the away side in this clash. 

Smith's officiating is unusual historically. He often penalizes home teams more for false starts, unnecessary roughness, roughing the passer, illegal formation, and illegal shifts than away teams. 

Over the past three seasons, Smith has called 34.8% more false starts on home teams than away teams, breaking the league average of 4.6%. 

Smith's officiating has brought home teams a 40.8% win rate in three years, much below the NFL average of 55.4%. 

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