Netflix May Be Cutting Down on Pricey Movies As Its Head of Film Depart

Netflix saw a significant shake-up to begin 2024, with its head of film Scott Stuber departing to launch his own media firm.

Stuber had been in charge of the streamer's features for seven years before leaving to pursue new opportunities,

supervising the platform's numerous original projects as it grew into a production powerhouse

With his disappearance, it appears that Netflix will finally rethink its film strategy.

There are indicators that the Ted Sarandos-led ship intends to shift away from big-budget movies and toward television and "middle-of-the-road" entertainment.

This transformation has occurred gradually over the last few years. In 2018, Netflix released an astounding 90 original films,

which has since dipped to as low as 49 last year. That's still an impressive collection of features, and with only 36 English-language pictures scheduled for 2024, 

the streamer will far outperform the competition in terms of quantity. Quality, on the other hand, has been a concern,

which Stuber recognized was to be expected given the volume of films produced. While the firm has delivered a few critical darlings, such as Glass Onion

The Irishman, and this year's Leave the World Behind and Rustin, they have been offset by some immensely expensive critical disasters, such as Lift and Rebel Moon: Part One - A Child of Fire.

Much to Stuber's dismay, Sarandos rarely capitalized on his triumphs

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