NBA Takes Significant Step Following Ja Morant's Injuries

The NBA has granted the Memphis Grizzlies a $12.4 million Disabled Player Exception due to Ja Morant's season-ending shoulder surgery. 

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported on the exception, stating that the Grizzlies have until March 11 to use it. 

The exception allows the team to trade for or claim a player in the final year of their contract or sign a free agent to a one-year deal. 

Memphis now faces the challenge of constructing a roster focused on next season, given Morant's absence this year. 

While the acquired player may not significantly impact the current season, the Grizzlies could find a valuable asset for next year. 

The team's goal is to bring in players who complement Morant's playing style and can contribute effectively upon his return. 

The granted exception provides flexibility for the Grizzlies to make strategic moves in the player market. 

Memphis aims to utilize the exception wisely, considering both short-term needs and the potential for the acquired player to contribute beyond this season. 

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