Morgan Wallen's version: Country singer attacks 2014 album rumors.

Morgan Wallen is rereleasing an early hit to protest rumors of a 2014 album against his desires.

This week in Nashville, acoustic guitarist Bryan Sutton and Big Loud co-founder and producer Joey Moi recorded "Spin You Around (1/24)," the new song.

It reworks Wallen's breakout song "Spin You Around."

Wallen announced his release on social media while duck-hunting. He described a 2014 trade he made at 21 that went wrong. Wallen stated he signed the talent management and recording deal without lawyers.

Made 13 tracks. Due to my inexperience with writing, most were poor "stated. "I was not the only collaborator, so many of these songs were not really my ideas nor met my standards."

Five of those tracks made the "Stand Alone" EP, according to Wallen. Wallen said Panacea Records, a Miami-based independent record company formed by Bill Ray and Paul Trust in 1993, published the song in 2015. The EP includes "Spin You Around."

Trust posted on Instagram in April honoring "Spin You Around"'s 160 million Spotify streams.

"From creation to rise, this song has been a tumultuous adventure. It might be an industry tell-all book chapter. It's streaming more than ever. Trust wrote that it will reach double platinum in months.

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