Marvel: All the upcoming movies and new streaming TV shows inside the MCU and beyond from X-Men to Secret War

The start of 2024 signals the beginning of an intriguing year for fans of Marvel Studios: 

two Sony films featuring Spider-Man will be released in addition to the single MCU film, 

and Disney+ will attempt to make amends following a year of underwhelming releases. (Secret Invasion, we had such high hopes!)

Marvel Studios has already released Echo, a film that left us wondering what would come next even though there was no sign of a universe.

. What comes next, then? That's the sole reason we're here.

It's likely that you are already familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as of right now if you are reading this. 

(If not, visit the link and we'll assist you in catching up.) By now, readers have seen no fewer than four and a half "phases" 

 of the narrative, starting with Iron Man's 2008 debut and ending with Thanos' ascent and fall and consequences.

Setting up the Marvel projects for the next few years was part of what came next. In addition to the establishment of a multiverse in both Spider-Man: 

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