Make Bean-Based Enchiladas Verdes.

I make spicy bean skillets for quick winter meals. It's a weekday staple when work is long and evenings are short, whether cumin-scented and chili-adjacent or blasted with red pepper flakes, garlic, and olive oil. 

There may be, and Ali Slagle will serve it. Her long-held secret? Just add cheese!

As she demonstrated with her Cheddar-capped smokey black beans and lasagna-like white bean tomato bake, melted cheese improves most savory, soupy recipes.

She strikes again in her new cheesy green chile bean bake, topping pinto beans, poblanos, and salsa verde with creamy Monterey Jack.

Serve it over rice, soft tortillas, or tortilla chips for scooping. Utensil-free.Like Ali, you could cheese up my skillet mustard chicken with spinach and carrots with grated Parmesan.

Even without, the sauce's fresh dill, white wine, scallions, and mustard add zippy flavor.

For pasta, try Kay Chun's vegetable-forward caramelized brussels sprouts pasta with toasted chickpeas. After cooking down to sweet and golden, briny capers and soft, earthy chickpeas are added to a pile of shredded sprouts.

Cheese does not improve salmon teriyaki, which already has a smooth texture and plenty of richness under its syrupy-savory sauce. The 20-minute supper is light and colorful when served with steamed broccoli or snow peas.

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