Luke Grimes, star of "Yellowstone," talks about how Lainey Wilson helped him get over his "Imposter Syndrome" as a musician.

Luke Grimes, Yellowstone's current star, initially felt like he "stepped into somebody else's job" when pursuing music full-time, according to Billboard. 

Grimes, who released his debut EP, "Pain Pills or Pews," on October 20, expressed his "imposter syndrome" regarding the concept of releasing an album. 

Lainey Wilson's successful transition to acting on the Yellowstone set inspired Grimes, as he observed the positive reactions from the cast. 

Grimes' debut single, "No Horse to Ride," was featured in the mid-season finale of Yellowstone season five. 

Lainey Wilson, ready to return to the Dutton Ranch, discussed her character's arc with Taylor Sheridan, expressing her commitment to completing her character's story despite a busy touring schedule. 

Wilson's character, Abby, was intentionally left as a blank slate by Sheridan, who wrote the part specifically for Wilson, allowing her to be herself on screen. 

Despite not knowing all the details of her character's storyline initially, Wilson is willing to rearrange her schedule to accommodate filming for the last half of Yellowstone season five. 

Wilson remains optimistic about her character's future, mentioning that there is a plan in place, though uncertainties exist about how it will unfold. 

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