Keeler: Jay Norvell's CSU Rams are hard to find. Unlike Deion Sanders' CU Buffs, they're easy to watch in November.

Come late November, this is the healthiest CSU football team in six years. That is both a commendation of Norvell and a damning critique of the disarray he took over—a program combating rug burns at 5,003 feet.

Fortress Collins Too many fenders have been scuffed by Joe Parker to name names. However, the more CSU's athletic director considered that blazing 12-car collision in Pullman, 

the one that lit up the express lane for college football on Friday night, the more he valued his decision to keep the Rams pushing the limit.

Parker told me on Saturday, "I love what (coach) Jay (Norvell) is doing," following CSU's 30-20 victory over Nevada, which moved the Rams (5-6) to within one victory of a bowl card with one game remaining. 

"I had faith in him from the first moment we spoke during the interview process.And he simply states every day that he has a remarkable ability to sort of concentrate on the things that are important.

The most important thing is to create a program where all of the players in the locker room know what they will be held accountable for. And when the players start genuinely holding each other and 

themselves accountable instead of the coach spearheading those discussions, Football at CSU is coming. Adorable. faulty. yet still on the way. The Rammies are lurching forward,

in the slow lanes, slowly but surely. Norvell's team averaged ten penalties per game in September. That figure was reduced to 6.3 flags each week in November. From September to November, 

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