Keanu Reeves spotted walking with crutches on Good Fortune set; concerned fans react

During a break on the set of his most recent movie, Good Fortune, renowned actor Keanu Reeves,59, was spotted using crutches and wrapping an ice pack around his injured knee.

The actor, who is well-known for his parts in the John Wick and The Matrix trilogy, 

 was spotted in Los Angeles with his 41-year-old co-star Seth Rogen.Reeves was spotted using crutches while strolling around the filming location, wearing a beige trench coat, 

gray pants, a white button-down, and a green tie. Meanwhile, co-star Rogen appeared absorbed in his phone. 

 Reeves and Lionsgate, the film's production company, have not responded to pleas for additional information, thus issues concerning the viral photographs and Reeves' health remain unanswered.

Fans who are worried about the actor's health have been asking questions on social media; one wrote, 

"Why is he walking like that? Is he hurt? Someone else said, "Did he hurt himself in an action scene? Is it for a scene instead? In any case, I'm concerned." A third person said, "Are you alright? What's taking place?"

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