Joaquin Phoenix switches ‘Joker’ for ‘Napoleon’ in first trailer for Ridley Scott’s next historical epic destined to bomb

With Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role, director Ridley Scott is back at it with Napoleon, 

eerie score and Joaquin Phoenix's Academy Award-winning performance as Arthur Fleck. 

a historical epic that promises to be a gripping character study of the French general-turned-emporer.According to the video, Napoleon is appropriately opulent for the subject matter,

with sweeping camera movements during horse-back war sequences, 

exotic and stunning scenery, and Phoenix appearing regally reflecting in halls with shimmering golden thrones. 

In my opinion, the film has already aroused my curiosity, particularly because it will reunite Scott and Phoenix,

the latter of whom was nominated for an Academy Award for his cunning portrayal of Commodus in the director's 2000 Best Picture-winning historical epic Gladiator

Phoenix would go on to win an Oscar for the comic Joker in 2019

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