Ja Morant's Reaction to the Thunder's Postgame Celebration Copying the Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies gained attention last season for their viral postgame celebrations, often crashing on-court interviews and posing for team pictures. 

OKC Thunder adopted a similar celebration style this season, but Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. claim the Grizzlies started it, emphasizing, "We invented this. The postgame vibes." 

Despite a challenging season marked by injuries, the Grizzlies remain competitive and are still in the running for a play-in spot. 

In a video, Jaren Jackson Jr. asserts their postgame celebration trend, with Ja Morant chiming in, "They ain't started doing it on the phone yet." 

The Grizzlies' season has been marred by injuries, impacting their expected success, but the team continues to show resilience and determination. 

Achieving a play-in spot seemed improbable even before Morant's season-ending injury, but the Grizzlies exhibit unwavering effort on the court. 

The team's fun postgame antics serve as a refreshing break amid the challenges, highlighting the players' camaraderie. 

Despite the rough season, moments like these provide a glimpse into the Grizzlies' spirit and refusal to give up. 

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