How Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Help Each Other As Empty Nesters

"We're still a close family; we talk often," McGraw tells PEOPLE.

 "Leaving your kids is hard. They suddenly need you less"Tim McGraw and Faith Hill reveal they've had to adjust since their youngest daughter Audrey graduated high school in 2020 and left home to pursue a career in performing and modeling.

"You're used to getting up in the morning, taking kids to school, going to softball practices and basketball practices and cheerleader practices and all of a sudden all that's gone when your last one leaves," McGraw says in this week's cover story.

Since their two oldest daughters, Gracie, 24, an actress, and Maggie, 23, who earned her master's in sustainability from Stanford University this year, went out of state, 

the McGraw family home in Nashville has been eerily quiet.

"I miss the afternoons because Faith would always make sure something was cooking when they would come home from school," McGraw, 54.

 "I miss them coming in and smelling mom's cooking and being eager about dinner. I miss the enthusiasm. 

 We sometimes had 15 teenage females in our house talking about boys, life, and everything. We talk constantly as a close family. 

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