How Jason Kelce fulfilled an 8-year-old Taylor Swift dream 

At the Bills-Chiefs game, an 8-year-old Taylor Swift fan receives the surprise of her life. At the Bills-Chiefs game, 8-year-old Ella Piazza had the surprise of her life. We share the touching story of Jason Kelce lifting her to see the pop star. 

Ella's optimism and handcrafted placard Ella, a mastermind, spread positivity to meet Taylor Swift during the game. With a homemade sign reading "Buffalo Bills + Taylor Swift — Best First Game Ever," Ella had an unforgettable journey. 

After celebrating his brother's touchdown shirtless, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce entered the stands feeling good. He raised Ella to see Taylor Swift clearly after seeing her sign. Ella was ecstatic, calling it “amazing.” 

Ella's mother, Jessica Piazza, described the remarkable experience. It was great. She cried with joy. That was cool "She thanked Kelce for his kindness. 

Jason Kelce has three daughters, so Jessica knew Ella was in safe care. In light of Ella's bravery in climbing the bleachers with her sign, she appreciated Kelce's kindness. 

Seat swaps, Swift surprises, and halftime climbing Ella was lucky when a buddy proposed moving seats with Swift's box during halftime. Ella persevered and went higher with the support of people who saw her sign. 

Football star Kelce swiftly helped Ella after audience calls. Taylor Swift laughed and waved as Jason Kelce lifted Ella and another girl. Cloud nine Ella couldn't believe her luck. 

Ella, the biggest Taylor Swift fan, attended the "Eras Tour" on Mother's Day and had a Swift-themed birthday party. Though her favorite Swift song has shifted from "You Belong With Me" to "My Tears Ricochet," she still loves her. 

Jessica and Ella from California joined TODAY for an unforgettable experience. Ella is scared but delighted to be on TV and knows her Taylor Swift meeting has won over many. 

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