Fun Date Ideas in NYC For Something A Little Different

Interactive Dining at Ninja New York: 

Experience a ninja-themed dining adventure at Ninja New York. The restaurant is designed like a ninja village, and the staff members are dressed as ninjas, providing a unique and entertaining dining experience. 

Sleep No More: 

Attend Sleep No More, an immersive theatrical experience. This interactive play takes place in the fictional McKittrick Hotel, and audience members can move freely through the various scenes, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Stargazing at the High Line: 

Visit the High Line at night for a romantic stargazing session. The park offers various secluded spots with great views of the sky. Bring a blanket and enjoy the night together. 

Escape the Room NYC: 

Challenge your problem-solving skills by trying an escape room adventure. Escape the Room NYC offers various themed rooms where you and your date must work together to solve puzzles and "escape" within a set time limit. 

Trampoline Dodgeball at Sky Zone: 

Spice up your date with some trampoline dodgeball at Sky Zone. It's a fun and active way to enjoy each other's company while getting a good workout. 

Brooklyn Bazaar: 

Check out the Brooklyn Bazaar, a unique venue that combines a night market, live music, arcade games, and karaoke. It offers a diverse range of activities all under one roof. 

Gondola Ride in Central Park: 

Experience a romantic gondola ride in Central Park. The Loeb Boathouse offers rowboat rentals, and you can hire a gondolier to guide you through the park's serene waters. 

Dessert Tasting Tour in Chelsea Market: 

Explore the delectable world of desserts in Chelsea Market. Take a dessert tasting tour and sample treats from various vendors, making for a sweet and memorable date. 

Live Jazz at Smalls Jazz Club:

Enjoy an intimate night of live jazz at Smalls Jazz Club in Greenwich Village. The cozy venue provides an authentic jazz experience with talented musicians. 

Museum Hack Tours: 

If you're into museums but want a different experience, consider a Museum Hack tour. These unconventional tours add a dose of humor and excitement to exploring museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

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