Friends, musicians, and fans are preparing for Randy Travis's honor.

Friends, admirers, and other musicians are preparing to honor Randy Travis, the living giant of country music. The Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie will host a Texas Heroes & Friends Tribute to Randy Travis on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Recently, Travis and his spouse Mary had a conversation about the upcoming episode with CBS News Texas. "We're going to have a kick-in-the-pants kind of time," Mary stated. "We're going to pretend that the gate was left open. a great time.

She continued by saying that they chose to hold the performance in Texas since it is "where we live, that's where we love."Numerous regional and national musicians will perform and cover songs by Travis.

In addition, The Randy Travis Foundation will benefit from the concert, which is being marketed as a tribute to the great. After having a stroke in 2013, Travis was left with aphasia and right-sided paralysis. The main goal of his charity is to raise public awareness about strokes.

"Fortunately, we have survived that, and we have a wonderful life and a wonderful opportunity to share with people what we have learned from the experience about strokes, stroke awareness [and] preventing strokes," Mary stated.

Paul Overstreet, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and Travis's longstanding buddy, will be performing at the event. In addition, he cowrote other singles for Travis, including "Forever, and Ever Amen." Overstreet co-wrote numerous singles for Travis, including "Forever and Ever, Amen."

Those who know Travis well believe that even though his singing voice may be gone, his mission of helping people through his foundation and music is being heard more than ever these days. "Years ago, he said when he first started playing music, 'I thought if I could touch one life then I have done my job,'" Mary thought back. "I told him, 'You have done it a million times over.'"

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