Former NFL great believes joining Jim Harbaugh's Chargers would be 'terrible decision'

As Jim Harbaugh replaced Brandon Staley as Los Angeles Chargers head coach on Thursday, Colin Kaepernick's NFL return was considered.

NFL expert Mike Florio pondered whether Kaepernick might coach for Harbaugh in LA.

 Florio mentioned their 49ers history and Kaepernick's 2022 Michigan spring game performance. 

He also cited 2022 reports that speculated Harbaugh will go for the Minnesota Vikings.

Given the long line of coaches and former players eager to take the job, former Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman told Fox News Digital it would be a horrible idea."No way.

. "It would be a terrible decision," said Merriman, who is preparing for Lights Out Xtreme Fighting 14 in Long Beach next month. 

"Many individuals are working hard and waiting in line for those positions, and they're better qualified. 

"And to jump over everybody else who spent their time, energy, still in line and work their way up, would just be a slap in the face to everyone that’s been committed to raising the bar.

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