Fake explicit Taylor Swift images: White House is 'alarmed'

Millions encountered fake explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift on social media, prompting calls for AI regulation. 

White House Press Secretary expressed alarm, urging Congress to legislate against non-consensual deepfake images. 

Social media companies urged to enforce rules against misinformation and non-consensual intimate imagery. 

Administration actions include launching a task force on online harassment and DOJ's 24/7 helpline for image-based sexual abuse. 

Lack of federal law in the U.S. to prevent sharing of non-consensual deepfake images highlighted. 

Rep. Joe Morelle renews push for "Preventing Deepfakes of Intimate Images Act" as a federal crime with penalties. 

Rise of commercial industry creating and sharing AI-generated content featuring sexual abuse discussed. 

Swift images likely produced using AI text-to-image tool, shared on social media platform X, with the platform taking actions against violations. 

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