Entertaining K-pop memes that went viral 

BTS' RM telling Jimin he has no jams to GOT7's Jackson's "Annueonghaseyo"; K-pop memes always entertain. Some of the greatest. 

BTS, BLACKPINK, GOT7, MONSTA X, TWICE, and other K-pop groups have given fans entertaining and relatable memes they can always giggle at. Besides being nostalgic, they're fun. Korean memes with funny content and idol replies can make anyone's day. Here are top K-pop memes.  

BTS RM: “You got no jams” to Jimin In 2014, BTS members practiced English on their route to the US. RM was the only member with English confidence then. The leader told the Set Me Free singer, “Jimin, you got no jams” while they talked. Koreans use ‘no jam’ to mean ‘no fun’.  

BLACKPINK Lisa's legs BLACKPINK's Lisa's sultry dance to LILI's film became viral in 2020. Her legs were especially popular. Editing her legs on images made it a viral internet meme quickly. From Bojack Horseman to James Corden, Lisa's legs were admired. Fans captioned edits "Did it work?" 

Jackson’s “Annyeonghaseyo” GOT7’s Jackson discussed his Korean learning on a radio broadcast. He said language goes beyond textbooks and culture must be understood. His experience: he learned the language through books for a year and then through dating. K-pop idol dating is stigmatized, so he quickly realized his mistake. Jackson eagerly said, “Annyeonghaseyo” to dismiss the issue.  

MONSTA X's Hyungwon drinking coffee Hwungwon from MONSTA X became a global meme after this fan meet incident. The idol took his microphone but quickly changed his mind. He sighed, put down the microphone, and enjoyed his coffee. His reaction was amusing and relatable.  

Key as Clown and wig SHINee's Key's Ronal McDonald costume at SM Entertainment's Halloween party, SM Town Wonderland 2015, shocked everyone. His look went viral, and McDonald congratulated him for playing the character. The idol gazing at his wig before wearing it was hilarious.  

Jungshook Jungkook of BTS has always praised their boss RM. Fans call his wide-open eyes ‘Jungshook’. Jungshook had a viral event. RM said something to ARMY (BTS' fandom), and the maknae watched with eager eyes. This incident was edited by many admirers to make him seem puzzled.  

BTS’ V sipping tea BTS appeared as special guests on the Ellen Show in 2017. As the members answered the questions and enjoyed themselves on the show, fans were fascinated by how V drank his tea. His expression as RM talked and he drank his tea was priceless and fans made numerous memes of that particular moment. 

Woozi to hit Mingyu with guitar at SEVENTEEN Pre-debut SEVENTEEN vlogs have entertained fans for years. Videos have produced some of the best memes. However, the footage where Woozi pretends to beat Mingyu with a guitar as the younger one climbs the wall is memorable. The vlog series has many more iconic funny scenes. 

Doyoung of NCT edits ‘River of My Tears’ photo. In 2018, NCT members relaxed and had fun during a live webcast near a water body. Doyoung gestures at a notice at a boating area and reads it to discourage littering. Fans screenshotted him pointing and tagged it ‘This is a torrent of my tears’. This meme symbolizes sadness. Doyoung's humorous expressions enhance the meme's humor. 

TWICE’s Dahyun calling JYP by his real name TWICE and JYP appeared on Knowing Brothers together in 2019. As they indulged in the game Shouting in Silence, Dahyun couldn’t hide her frustrations and called JYP by his real name which ensued laughter from all the cast and TWICE members and also JYP himself. 

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