Dog breeds in the U.S. - and what you need to know about them

Jake, a search and rescue dog, looked for survivors after the 9/11 attacks and later in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (2007).  

Labrador retriever 

Ch. is a show dog. In the 1950s, Bouquet Nouvelle Ami (or Jo-Jo) won Best of Breed at Westminster eight years in a row.  

French bulldog 

The "Air Bud" movies brought goldens to so many homes. Liberty and Victory were the retrievers of Presidents Ford and Reagan.  

Golden retriever 

The German shepherd Rin Tin Tin became a movie star after being rescued from battle during World War I.  

German shepherd 

Vicky and Gaullie walked the halls of the White House during Nixon and Kennedy's administrations.  


In 2014, Tillman, a bulldog skateboarding on a skateboard, captured the hearts of millions and set a Guinness World Record.  


Of course, Snoopy! It was a dog named Uno who helped boost the breed's presence on the show dog circuit. His win at Westminster was the first for a beagle.  


According to the BBC, a rescued Rottie named Jake fended off a woman's attacker in 2010 by chasing him off.  


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