Dishes you can prepare with ripe, fresh figs? 

Simmered in a pot of oatmeal, both fresh and dried figs turn into jammy fruit pockets.

Cook figs with oatmeal

Figs caramelize and become even more richly sweet when roasted.

Roast figs with honey

Make a fig tart

Soft cheeses like goat and mascarpone are best. Wrap them in prosciutto or bacon for an appetizer.

Stuff figs with cheese and bake

Make a fig jam

If you’re cooking up a big roast for Sunday dinner, throw a few figs in the pan.

Roast figs with meat

1. Whole figs halves are great in green salads. 2.

Add figs to salads

Instead of making jam, simmer chopped figs with a few sprigs of thyme and add some caramelized onions for a savory chutney. 2.

Make fig chutney for cheese platters

Chopped figs can be folded right into the batter for muffins and other baked goods.

Add figs to muffins, scones, and cookies

Figs make an especially good companion to bourbon, rum, port, and other dark spirits.

Make a fig cocktail

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