Daughter of Tim McGraw, stand by your man, cover

It should come as no surprise that Tim McGraw's family has musical skill.

The seasoned country musician and his spouse Faith Hill have a long history of writing, singing, and creating.

The singer of "Standing Room Only" was recently surprised by a Tammy Wynette song that his youngest daughter Audrey covered. 

 She uploaded the footage of her playing the piano and singing the 1968 hit song "Stand by Your Man."

"Whoa! Audrey, our infant daughter. McGraw remarks, "Oh my goodness, she is so talented," in a reaction video. 

"I've said it a hundred times: our girls are all incredibly gifted singers. Audrey is not just an amazing writer, but she is also very unique."

"I mean we get to hear this whenever she’s home, she’ll sit on the piano and we can hear this all through the house and we can hear the stuff that’s writing and I’m telling you, 

her voice and the things that she writes are just so mind-blowing and so deep and so special," he continues.

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