Colorado self-reported a number of minor NCAA violations in football under Deion Sander

Since his hire in December 2022, coach Deion Sanders and the Colorado football team have been fined for 11 minor NCAA violations. 

Some of these offenses demonstrate how the 452-page NCAA rulebook can occasionally cause problems for a coach who uses social media often.

Documentation of the infractions was provided to USA TODAY Sports; all of the infractions were self-reported to the NCAA by the university, and none of them carried a significant penalty risk.

To be fair, these kinds of infractions are frequent in almost every major college sports department. 

. Ohio State, for example, reported two infractions in football in 2022–2023; Alabama, on the other hand, 

self-reported nine infractions in the same year, with no football violations. Rather than not reporting them at all to evade inspection,

 self-reporting them is regarded as a good indication of diligence and integrity. All seem to have been unintentional infractions of the often complicated NCAA rulebook.

In this instance, the infractions under Sanders offer insight into how his constant usage of social media occasionally put technical rules to the test. 

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