Colin Kaepernick weighs in on Wolverine, Gladiator, and his new graphic novel Change the Game

Colin Kaepernick, known for his activism on and off the football field, nearly pursued a whole other career path as a young man.

Kaepernick was always a gifted athlete, even as a teenager, and was already scouted by Major League Baseball as a future prospect. 

Many people in his life believed he should make his reputation on the baseball field. But, deep down, the future quarterback knew 

He wasn't as excited about baseball as he was about football. Despite the outside pressure, he chose to follow his heart, which resulted in six seasons with the San Francisco 49ers.

His new autobiographical graphic novel Change the Game explains how that pivotal moment in his life influenced how he made subsequent decisions,

Always with the goal of remaining true to himself and what he believed in, as his famous decision to kneel during 

the National Anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality demonstrated so forcefully. During an email interview with EW, Kaepernick explained the motivation behind the novel, 

Kaepernick believes that the graphic novel, co-written with Eve L. Ewing and drawn by Orlando Caicedo, will leave young people

"fully embracing their power in all circumstances." Life will offer children with obstacles, but they have the ability to choose how to respond to them." 

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